Photo by Dieter Roosen

Johannes Schembs is a Portrait and Documentary Photographer based near Frankfurt / Germany

1988 born in Worms

2010-2017_ Communication Design studies with emphasis on photography in Karlsruhe and Darmstadt

since 2012_  first experiments with the photographic technique called „lightpainting“ // starting to work as freelance photographer

2015-2016_ work as assistant of photographer Mayk Azzato / Frankfurt

since 2017_ work as assistant of photographer Andreas Reeg and Fritz Philipp

2017_ graduation as Diplom-Designer (FH) at Hochschule Darmstadt

exhibitions & participations (selection)

2012_ single exhibition in 40 ft overseas container / Worms

2012-2014_ christmas exhibition at Kunstverein Worms e.V.

2013_ galery K / Bad Kreuznach

2013_„Eckhard Schembs & Johannes Schembs“ / castle Worms- Herrnsheim

2013 & 2014_ open studios / Worms

2014_ „First Step“ BBK Rheinlandpfalz / Mainz

2014_„Accrochage 2014“ galery Zulauf / Freinsheim

2014_Jazz & Joy music festival / Worms

2015_galery Barbara von Stechow / Frankfurt a.M.

2015_„Norderney Zwei“ / Hochschule Darmstadt, design faculty

2015_Werkschau / Hochschule Darmstadt, design faculty

2015_galery Zulauf / Freinsheim

2016_Pop-Up Festival / Worms

2016_galery Zulauf / Freinsheim

2016_representation at the art collection of the german parliament / Berlin

2017_festival of arts / Westhofen

2017_single exhibition „Nepal – The Aftermath“ / Kunstverein Worms

2018_galery Kulturraum Speyer / Speyer

2018_single exhibition „Das Wormser“ / Worms

2018_single exhibition Kunstverein Hockenheim / Hockenheim

2019_exhibition „Tag der Architektur“ /  Veldenzschloss Lauterecken

2019_exhibition „Herrnsheimer Weinsommer“ / Worms